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Schedule and Reference for ITF Futures

Points Table

Winner 18
Runners – up 10
Semi Finalist 6
Quarter Finalist 2
Loser in last 16 1
Loser in last 32 0
  • No points are awarded in the qualifying events or to players who qualify
  • Doubles Rankings points are only awarded in the Futures tournaments in the semi-final and final rounds.
  • All matches will be of 3 Tie-Break Sets.
  • Normal playing hours would be from 9/10 am onwards **

For more details & updates please visit : ITF Tennis website

Courts :

The Tournament would be played on the Four (4) hard Deco courts at the Kalinga Stadium Tennis Complex, Bhubneswar. Salient Features of theses courts are:

  • This is the 1st time in Odisha & Eastern India that the exact brand (Decoturf) and color of US Open has been replicated in Kalinga Stadium.
  • The used material is recognized & certified by all governing bodies including ITF (International Tennis Federation) & AITA (All India Tennis Association).
  • DecoTurf is the most recognized tennis court surfaces in the world. It is selected for use at the world's most prestigious events including the US Open since 1978, Beijing Olympic Games, several of the US Open Series tournaments, the NCAA championships and many other tournaments around the world.
  • The resilient cushion layer of rubber takes the pressure off of body especially on knees & ankles without changing the bounce of the game.
  • The Tennis court surface is suitable to endure the toughest conditions, from the harsh sun to the harsh winters as we experience in Odisha.The colors used are of imported high-quality, consistent for acrylic tennis court surface and are UV resistant and always play ready.

Lighting System:

Further the all the four courts has been fitted with modern LED lighting system as per ITF norms and terms for improved lighting at a low rate of power consumption which supports the green movement as well. All the courts are equipped with this lighting system to conduct night matches , if required.


Entries for the Championship have been received from nine (9) foreign countries viz. Germany, Argentina, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Chinese Taipei, Serbia, USA and France apart from the host country India.

Notable entries received are as below (As of 10 January 2018):

Position Player Country ITF Ranking
1 Sasi Kumar MUKUND INDIA 429
2 N. Vijay Sundar PRASHANTH INDIA 524
3 Sidharth RAWAT INDIA 533
4 Arjun KADHE INDIA 565
6 Karunuday SINGH INDIA 618
7 Saketh MYNENI INDIA 623
9 Francesco VILARDO ITALY 659
10 Haadin BAVA INDIA 692
11 Aryan GOVEAS INDIA 756
12 Patrik RIKL Czech 775
13 Bogdan BOBROV RUSSIA 816
15 Chien Hsun LO TAIPEI 956
18 Dalwinder SINGH INDIA 1015

The Wild Cards for the Main Draw have been awarded to:

Player Country
1 Siddharth Viswakarma India
2 Kunal Anand India
3 Anshu Kumar Bhuyan India
4 Chinmoy Pradhan India

The Wild Cards for the Qualifying Draw have been awarded to:

Player Country
1 Vashisht Vinod Cheruku India
2 Pratyush Mohanty India
3 Kabir Hans India
4 Byreddy Saisaran Reddy India
5 Abhinanshu Borthakur India
6 Harris Trisman USA

In the Main Draw, there will be 20 direct entries, 4 wild cards and 8 qualifiers. There will be 26 direct entries and 6 Wild Cards in the Qualifying Draw.

With such a large number of quality participation, the tournament is expected to be of a very high standard. When complemented by the organizational expertise of the OTA, we hope that the tournament would be one of the best ITF Futures to be held in India.

The tournament will follow the guidelines laid down by the "International Tennis Federation".The main draw of the event would be played from 26th February to 3rd March 2018.The Inauguration Ceremony will be held on 26th March at 9am IST. Sri Aditya Prasad Padhi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Odisha will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest . The closing ceremony is expected to be held at 11AM on 3rd March 18. Honorable Minister of Sports & Youth Services, Government of Odisha, Shri Chandra Sarathi Behera would grace the closing ceremony as Chief Guest.

As per the usual practice, Draw sheets, Schedule of Matches and daily Media Release would be sent by email to all the leading newspapers and media houses by 6.00 pm every day. Although the OTA is privileged with the contact details of all key Media contacts, it will perhaps be advisable for all concerned to update the OTA with their contact details (telephone and e-mails). For any information required please feel free to ring up S C Sarangi (Media Head) (Contact No: +91-9437044844) at any time.

The OTA wants to spread the news about the tournament to all citizens of the country, irrespective of age, class and creed. The OTA seeks valued support from media houses for extending this mileage which will encourage and help the top players to perform to the best of their ability.